English Dev Diary

Hey folks,
Today our developers want to talk you about our development of Pixel Gun 3D Hacks for you and what will be there in upcoming updates!

So you can already generate Coins and Gems, but what will be there next? We know that you are all excited same as we are.

What can you already do in PG3D Hack?

pixel gun 3d cheatsSo you wonder what you can already do in Pixel Gun 3d Hack. You can generate gems and coins as of June 2017.
It has been long journey since we started to develop this PG3D Cheat. It wasn’t easy and took us a lot of testing and brainstorming how to do some stuff that would bring you a lot of pixel Coins!

What was the hardest part of the hack development? The most difficult part was to build an advanced anti-ban system that would prevent anyone to don’t get banned. So we must deal with greedy players that want millions of coins, and we wanted to prevent that. This is the reason why you can generate only 50k of Coins and Gems.

Pixel Gun 3D Hack Future

So what will be the future of PG3D Hack? Will it be a bright future? We hope so. And we are doing everything detailed and focus on every bit so we can deliver you the best coins generator.

So what we plan next? We want to give you the ability to generate unlimited amount of Experience Points. Also, we want to give you every weapon you want. And there wouldn’t be any cheats without the god mode. This will also be in the following updates.

We want to work more on the anti-ban feature because the developers of Pixel gun never sleep. But we are still two steps ahead of them, and you can be sure that they can’t destroy this pixel gun 3d hack tool.

You can use our pixel gun cheat as it is. We don’t give any warranty to it. If you encounter any error or bug, you can contact us via the contact page on our website.

Please keep in mind that this hack is still in pre-alpha phase, and it will require a lot of testing and coding to finish it, but we’re getting there!

Golf Clash Hack

On the 11 february 2018, we have released the long awaited Golf Clash Cheat for the most played golf clash game. It works as a golf clash generator, so everyone can use it!