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What is Pixel Gun?

Pixel Gun is a highly enjoyable shooter game where you get to handle pixel gun 3d hackdifferent kinds of weapons. There are a lot of guns in Pixel Gun 3D. And knowing how to use each of these guns properly is going to help you become the best player in the game. Your skills as a Pixel Gun player are going to improve if you improve your skills by reading this guide. These tips on weapons are especially useful for any person that is still new to the game. It would be helpful if you learn all of the weapons basic first before you start playing the game.

The machine gun is a highly rapid-fire weapon that has got a small capacity. However, it is not the best weapon to use at long range because it does not have a scope and it does not have the best accuracy. It would be best if you shoot the single machine gun at a medium to close range. Shooting at close range can allow you to get the most accuracy of your machine gun.

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pixel gun 3d hack gemsThe Pixel Gun Hack is the best all-around for the game. This is because it has got a high accuracy, fast fire-rate, and even a decent amount of damage as well. It should be your go-to weapon if you ever find yourself in different kinds of situations. It is also one of the fastest guns that you can shoot, especially if you want something that has got a decent accuracy.

The pixel gun shotgun is the weapon that is best for close range use. It does a staggering amount of damage. However, it only does that at an extremely close range. The closer your target is the shot, then the more damage they would take. You could use a shotgun by going close to other players in multiplayer, to maximize the amount of injury that you do. Be careful not to use the gun at long range, since it would only cause a minimal amount of damage.

Pixel Gun Tips

Another great short-range weapon that you can make use of is the flamethrower. This is extremely useful against other players in multiplayer who always try to run away. This is because the flamethrower has got a burning effect that can cause damage over time. However, it does not do a lot of harm to players that have got high armor.
Your signal pistol is another great short-range weapon. However, you should not use it in extended fights because it has got a small ammo capacity. You should use the signal pistol to help you do rocket jumps because it would propel you upwards by shooting it while you are aiming down.

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The best long range weapon that you can use is the sniper rifle. This is a weapon that you must not use at close range since you are at a huge disadvantage when you are firing it. The scope does not have a lot of sensitivity when you are shooting it at close range.